Why Modernists hate scholasticism?

Currently modernist forces okapavshiesya in the Church, under the guise of fighting for the purity of Orthodoxy, are undermining the very foundations of Orthodoxy. To implement its ambitious plans they have to distort and change everything the traditional doctrine, including singing lessons, the leading home of the apostles, to break the continuity of theological, dogmatic destroy, destroy samples of faith, adopted at the cathedral, and the spiritual wasteland to create a universal religion, but on the ground blasted the church to build its pantheon .

The modernists declared the Church “sick body” that were infected with the Catholic errors and for this reason require treat it, that is subjected to injections of theosophy, rationalism, and Protestantism, as in recent times confessors of Christianity was subjected to violent treatment of psychotropic drugs, from which a normal person sick. Modernists ridiculed the Orthodox dogmas and do not hesitate even to mock the main soteriological dogma of redemption. These Protestant theologians are trying to represent Catholicism as the antithesis of orthodoxy, and Fragment similarities between the Catholic and Orthodox theology to interpret the influence of Catholicism, which claims to have suffered Eastern Church over the last several centuries.

However, Catholicism is not anti-Christianity, and distorted, deformed, littered with false dogmas and traditions of Christianity. If we consider the Catholic catechism, you can see in it the deviation from the truth, perversion of ecclesiology, painful growths in doctrine and so on, but at the same time to discover that part of the Catholic catechism word for word the same as the Orthodox. Naturally, that Catholicism has retained many of the patristic heritage of the time when the Roman Patriarchate located in prayerful communion with the Eastern churches, and represented with a single church. After breaking away from Orthodoxy, Catholicism, has created a different mental and spiritual field, where the same term has acquired a different semantics and sound. Therefore, verbal coincidences can not speak about Catholic influence, and even more about Catholic “Captivity”.

The prosecution of the Orthodox Church in the okatolichenii has similar charges sectarian Protestant persuasion who are trying to prove that the Church has preserved the purity of faith only to the 3-4-th century and then began to make extensive borrowing from paganism, with the result that the Orthodox should look like the Gentiles, and to send them missionaries to bring them back to the apostolic faith. In fact, Orthodox theologians used the legacy of pagan philosophy, as prevailing philosophical language, with the rethinking of ancient terminology, to adapt it to the needs of the Church, to refine and differentiate it. As for the symbolic ritual, the symbol represents a stable, connecting the sign, so the characters of all peoples and religions have another similarity.

Let me quote one example: When the Europeans entered the Siamese kingdom, then were surprised to see that in Buddhist temples are lit candles and lamps, there is consecrated water, burned incense, so that between the rituals and symbols of distant from each other religions there is a certain analogy, of course, when the difference of content. The ancient heritage used by Fathers of the Church, represented ore, thrown into a blast furnace, which implies processed and refined metal. Particularly aggressive attack by the modernists are works on systematic theology, they want to be thought of as Catholic scholasticism and Western imports. It appears that the Modernists are not quite clearly understand what the word “scholasticism” and explicitly ascribed to him the negative content. This term in antiquity signified the training, education, scholarship, and then – thinking style and method of presentation, when the material is located in a certain system and is considered by the analysis.

There were Greek scholasticism, for example, “Categories” of Aristotle, as well as Chinese, Indian, Muslim, etc. As scholasticism in Christian theology, she appeared in Byzantium in the ranks of imitators and commentators patristic writings. Elements of scholasticism can be found in the main product of St. John of Damascus “Exact Exposition of the Orthodox faith, which was several times translated from Greek into Latin and served as a source of” Amounts theology of Thomas Aquinas – the top of Western theology. The modernists accuse orthodox theologians in that they sometimes use the collected material in the West. But here again a misunderstanding.

The basic source of scholasticism was Byzantine theology. From the western scholasticism Orthodox theologians took something valuable that has always belonged to the Church, and found a grain of gold carefully separated from the land. That was taken from the scholasticism of the West, is largely a return that the West picked up from the East and transferred into your language. Some analogue of this process can serve as a translation into Arabic of Aristotle, whose works in connection with the loss of the originals were subsequently re-translated from Arabic into Greek and Latin languages. To say that the Orthodox Church was in a Catholic prisoner for several centuries, as outrageous as the claim that the Fathers of the Church, to use the terminology and some of the ideas of Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and Platonists, found in pagan captivity.

Narbeh Aslan