The Angel and the Muse: Inspiration, Revelation, Prophecy

Michael Sells from the University of Chicago Divinity School presents at Villanova University. An award-winning teacher and author of many books including Dante and the Orient and Power and Prejudice: The Reception of the Gospel of Mark, and Michael Sells, Islamic Studies, University of Chicago Divinity School, author of Approaching the Qur’an. Villanova University has enjoyed a national reputation through its Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Conference (PMR) for over thirty years. Finding its natural niche and center in philosophy and theology, but extending from there to embrace a wide variety of disciplines in the field, the PMR has established a tradition of scholarship and collegiality complimentary to, rather than in competition with, the larger conferences such as Kalamazoo, the Oxford Patristics Conference, or the Medieval Academy.