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On clothes and chastity

One of the basic rules of the spiritual life – remember that good and evil begins small. In the Book of Job is found the mysterious word “mravolev” as the name of some outlandish creatures.

This sinful passion that when he appears as a small ant, barely discernible eyes. But if you miss the time and did not wrest it from the heart, then it becomes a lion, which is missing its prey and bites into it with his teeth. Then it is difficult to deal with sin, mastered the soul, as a person – with the beasts of prey. Patristic experience teaches us not to give in to sin in the small and not assume that any minor in the spiritual life. Sin and the undetected neistorgnuty of the soul is like a spark of unpaid time, which can turn into a sizzling flames. Most of nezatushennogo fire burnt out forest, and from the coals, dropped out of the oven – the whole village. We must remember that sin is an explosive, which is hidden in the soul of man, and external experience – the fuse that was set for him.

St. Ignatius Brianchaninov – a great teacher of asceticism – emphasizes that the content and form are connected with each other. The content is a proper way, and the shape keeps contents. If a pitcher crack is formed, the water gradually runs out of it. St. Ignatius advised monks not to neglect the outside, but stressed that the center of monastic life is the acquisition of inner prayer. Bryanchaninov his book “Offering modern monasticism” begins with a description of external behavior, as if moving from easier to hard. He advises first learn to behave decently, to manage her own body, then restrain mental emotions, and then move on to the prayer of the heart, as if moving from the periphery to the center.

Our heart – the acropolis, which is inhabited by the grace of baptism and original sin. To capture this fortress must be like during the war to begin a regular siege: first the fear of God to keep themselves from serious bodily sins, then from the mental. Who thinks willpower, without sufficient preparation to connect the mind, clogged diverse experiences and fantasies, with a passionate heart, – he will be mocked by a demon. In Paterikon contains a story about how an old monk came from the desert to the city, saw a young monk, leaving the public baths.

The old man took him aside and began to exhort that such freedom can end a heavy fall in sin. The young monk replied boldly: “For those who courted the purity of heart, all things are pure.” The old man sighed and said to himself: “I have many years while in the wilderness, unable to acquire the purity of heart. And this young man, tottering on baths and markets, thinks it has reached an impassive. After some time, fear came true elders: young monk was caught in fornication with his wife, mayor and subjected to harsh punishment, but because it has placed on the Desert blot.
Some Christians, abandoning unchaste entertainment, argue that they have not experienced any passion. Such assurances – or a lie or deception. St. John of the Ladder says that sometimes the devil for a time departed from the man so that he lost his caution, considering that already conquered sin, so the fox pretends to be dead, the bird sat on her head, thinking it was a corpse, which you can nibble a little, and then , suddenly jumped up, grabs the prey.

We talked about that content and form are closely related to each other: changes in the content should change the shape and breaking of the form changes the content. In this regard, clothing is a necessary attribute of human morality. The Bible says that after the fall nudity forefathers brought with them a sense of passion, and so God gave them the first garment, made of animal skins. A few distractions aside, we must say that Adam and Eve before the fall had not been naked in our understanding of the word.

They were surrounded by the grace of God as a blinding light, and they wore clothes as if sewn out of this sparkling and shimmering light. Of all the creatures that lived in Eden, of all colors, thriving in it, was the most wonderful man in the grace of God. In the resurrection of the dead people are also not rise naked: the righteous will shine like the sun, surrounded by a halo of rays, and the sinners shall rise in dark robes like their sins, be resurrected to eternal mourning.