Macedonian Orthodox Church

The Church is one. The Lord has not established many churches, but one. And this one Church is identified with the one Body of the one Christ. Still, since this one Church actualises, manifests and iconically portrays herself in the eucharistic community she, in the nature of things, appears as many Churches, because it is inconceivable that there should exist a single eucharistic community for the whole world.According to the sources in the Acts, Saint Paul, Christ’s disciple, began spreading Christianity in Macedonia and elsewhere on the Balkan Peninsula towards the mid 1st century AD. He visited this region on two occasions during his journeys through Europe and Asia. He was followed by Timothy and Silas, who remained in Macedonia after his departure. At that time learn to sing better, as a Roman province Macedonia often changed its borders and its ethnic composition. As a result of the Christianization in the first three centuries, the Christians in Macedonia at the beginning of the 4th century already had an organised Church with an established ecclesiastical hierarchy, whose bishops regularly participated at the