Limited Atonement and Albrecht

Mr. Albrecht has posted a video titled: “the CHURCH FATHERS and LIMITED ATONEMENT-refuting a Reformed View” (formatting is original) ( ). This video is a response from Mr. Albrecht to an earlier video I had made responding to the Youtuber “OneTrueChurch”. Mr. Albrecht criticizes my video for not providing citations and for being “cut and paste” apologetics. Additionally, Mr. Albrecht tries to argues that the church fathers I cited don’t support the view of Limited Atonement. I demonstrate that actually, Mr. Albrecht himself is the only one using “cut-and-paste” apologetics, obtaining his material from Jimmy Akin without either citing or understanding his source. Cutting-and-pasting from the church fathers is completely appropriate when one is quoting them, and when one considers them in context, one concludes that some of them did indeed hold to limited atonement. -TurretinFan