Latest News on Epirus

The Northern Epiroteans have been persecuted by the Albanian Govenrment for some time now and their human rights were violated.

In the late 1990’s, HRH Prince Alexander Zografos was encouraged by a number of Orthodox Bishops and members of various Monarchical groups to seek a successor due to HRH’s alleged alignment with certain undesirable organisations. He therefore sought a successor within his own family but nobody wished to take on this responsibility.

However, amongst his supporters was an Italian Nobleman of an ancient Italian noble family, who was a grand Knight of many chivalric Orders and a Knight of the Italian Republic, a Mayor of an Italian city and who’s cousin was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic church. Therefore as no one within the Zografos family wished to take on this role, HRH Prince Alexander offered the position and title of Prince Regent to HRH Prince Davide and whom was invested by an abdication act lodged with the High Court in Tourin, Italy.

Therefore HRH Prince Davide Pozzi di S.Sofia is the current King de jure of Epirus. HRH seeks recognition for the Epirotean people through diplomacy and only wishes for peace to return to the Balkans.