Lapta?s Churches and Mosques

All of Lapta’s churches date back to the Ottoman Preiod. The churches were independent from the Cypriot government, their running was controlled by the Ottoman Sultan and all their expenditures covered by the Ottomans. This shows that also Orthodox churches in Cyprus were constructed by Ottoman rulers. Legends say that the Ottomans did not convert any Orthodox churches into mosques when they conquered the island. Apparentky, only the Catholic churches became mosque. This is a historical fact. The Ottoman Empire repaired all Orthodox churches and even renewed some, where necessary. The reason for this is that the Greeks had helped the Ottoman Empire to conquer Cyprus. The Orthodox Greek Cypriots had always been looked upon with scorn and despised by the Catholic Italians and thus been subject to their oppression and cruelty. Some even say that the Italians hanged 32 Orthodox priests on a single day. This is why many Christians living in the time built their churches in remote places, such as riversides or beachfronts. The construction of churches on the most beautiful spots of Greek villages came about with the arrival of the Ottomans.
North Cyprus Hotels There are 3 identical mosque in Cyprus – these are the Haydarpa?azade Mehmet Bey Mosque, the Arabahmet Mosque and the Hala Sultan Mosque. They are all octagon-shaped, have a single dome and were built by an unknown architect in the beginning of the Ottoman rule.

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