Johannes Kepler

Who was this man, Johannes Kepler? I see him much like our modern day heretics. In fact all truth begins originally as heresy. The TRUTH Himself (Jesus, the Christ) was hung on a cross and killed for His ideas that were basically ahead of the times. Remember, the scout usually took the first arrows. May we pray for more people to have the courage to stand alone- in love for that which they feel is truth. And may we not join in the chorus and choir seeking their demise.

None of us can sense the absolute awe of Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, and others who discovered the truth of our planet and solar system. These men stood alone as none of us do today because of the increased consciousness of our world.

Going back 500 years ago, these men who risked their very lives (some were burned at the stake by the Catholic church for their scientific truths) and minimally made a fool of by the emergent Protestant leaders, like Luther. These few men stood all alone with their ideas of a new cosmos!

Imagine their total ecstasy!

The jeers and snarls of the church!

But they stood their ground, alone and isolated. They had no internet, no TV or mass communications from which to express and share their ideas. There was just a handful who wrote letters from one country to another secretly encouraging one another under the threat of death for such views that were contrary to the Bible.

The Pope was after him (them), all distinguished professors thought them mad, respected scientists distanced themselves from such foolery, and the wealthy elite shunned their presence. They were going against common sense, literal interpretations of some Bible passages and long established principles of physics and cosmology. What joy to be led by the truth! 🙁

Johannes Kepler could not contain himself as he said in a letter, “Now, since the dawn eighteen months ago, since the broad daylight three months ago, and since a few days ago, when the full Sun illuminated my wonderful speculations, nothing holds me back. I yield freely to the sacred frenzy; I dare frankly to confess that I have stolen the golden vessels of the Egyptians to build a tabernacle for my God far from the bounds of Egypt. If you pardon me, I will rejoice; if you reproach me I shall endure. The die is cast, and I am writing the book- to be read either now or by posterity, it matters not. It can wait a century for a reader, as God Himself has waited 6,000 years for a witness.”

What great new discoveries await us today if we’d but encourage the spiritual pioneers. 🙂

Let us not be their detractors, but their supporters, these men and WOMEN of vision and passion for things not known, things not seen, and things hard to UNBELIEVE! And one of those things we must realize and accept with joy is that the patristic era is taking its last few breaths.

Matriarchy is equally in the yoke of life!