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What is the testimony of those who saw God?

What is the testimony of those who saw God? Here Dr. J. Virgil Dunbar explains that those who saw God testified that we are to make no image or likeness to represent Him. This video is part of a series of presentations by Dunbar, entitled On God’s Covenant to Save His People From Idolatry. Theologian John Gill (1697 — 1771) offers some important examples for consideration: Manoah was afraid he should die, but did not fall down as dead; Ezekiel fell upon his face, but had his senses; Daniel’s comeliness turned into corruption, and he retained no strength, he fainted, and fell into a deep sleep; see Judges 13.22; but John fell down at once, as dead. This panic which good men were seized with, at any more than ordinary appearance of God, or apprehension of his presence, arose from a notion that present death ensues a sight of him; hence Jacob wonders, and is thankful, that he had seen God face to face, and yet his life was preserved, Genesis 32.30 Dunbar is the author of the book Christ Can’t Be Pictured: God is Not Like Art. The book is made available for free here (with permission from the author): From the book’s cover: Dr. Dunbar’s ministry includes two years of missionary evangelism in Japan and Okinawa and various church service appointments in Washington, Oregon, Texas and California over the last 40 years. Dunbar’s book calls for a return to the Biblical Paradigm for our concept of Christ. It is time to turn from the monistic idols to the biblical revelation