Beyond the Veil

We live in this natural third dimensional world where dense matter (you and I) is unlike what lies on the other side or beyond the veil- the fourth dimension. But even in this material realm we need to remember the words of Hans Peter-Durr, “Matter is not made of matter“. The deeper we look and study, the more we see space between what was one thought to be a thing (can you say an atom?). And then there is space between those “things“! So much of what we think is reality is nothing but “mind games“.

Without most knowing it, we are becoming multidimensional beings.

The only question is how fast we’ll make the transition. We’re expanding our reality is less and less time. We’re getting more and more spiritual guidance. Greater and more numerous messages are getting through from within and without. As Barbara Max Hubbard put it, ” The universal human is developing evolutionary consciousness and evolutionary spirituality that will give us a cosmic whole organism, scientifically and spiritually based in awareness.”

Social and spiritual trends are moving our world from procreational to co-creational.

Women are living longer, having few children, and the world is moving away from a patristic age into a more balanced one. It’s long over do, but it’s not totally in our hands (remember the word, co-creation). Carl Jung calls this the “continuing incarnation of self”.

We must go beyond the veil and into the Holy of Holies that the Old Testament pictures symbolized in the Tabernacle of Moses. Some have called the years leading up to 2012 as, “a threshold of jump” in social energy. Whatever you call it, we certainly need it for if we don’t change the direction that we’re going, we’re going to wind up where we are headed.

And that’s not a good place to visit- let alone live!

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