Belief in Limitation

Why or why did Eve eat of the tree of good and evil? Why didn’t Adam do it or is the story of the female eating of it just more evidence of a patristic paradigm doing the writing? Before we jump into some practical observations, let me explain that the whole Adam and Eve story is just an allergory., a way that man’s consciousness of the time tried to explain how everything got started and primary how pain, suffering, loss, and limitation came into being.  

The fall is about belief in limitation!

There allegorical story tells us that there’s two trees. There’s the tree of REALITY, the tree of LIFE. It’s the TRUTH of who we ARE, who I AM. But man decided to accept a duality approach to life. In this dual thinking world, there’s stuff that’s bad and then there’s stuff that good.

With that in mind, man felt a need to LABEL everything. This is good, that’s bad. I’m good, you’re bad. What I do is right and what you’ve done is wrong. God is righteous and the devil is evil. Christianity is the pure religion, all else is a counterfeit. Jesus is the only way, and every other path leads to madness and destruction, if not eternal hell..

May we get off the madness merry-go-round! Can we?


We have to begin to live as though those things which are in the heart and consciousness (Spirit) of God, that which is in the place called heaven (above) is brought down here to earth (be real in us). That’s Scriptural!  But unfortunately, we’re living too much of our human life (undersandable but not mandatory) and not enough of our spiritual life.

When we start living more from our spirit being and become who we really ARE, there are no limitations and that’s why Jesus said we’d do greater things than even He did. Can we clear our schedules long enough to get serious about that or is making money taking up ALL of our time?

As a spiritual-futurist my commentaries and articles deal primarily with an interpretation of current events in light of macro-universal forces at play.