Alternative Vs. Orthodox Cancer Treatments

If you are reading this article there is a chance you or someone you care about was or has been diagnosed with cancer. You almost definitely got the diagnosis from your doctor, and you may also have been given a life expectancy and prescribed course of treatment. I can only hope this is the case and you are reading this article before choosing whether to follow an orthodox medical program or what is dubbed an ‘alternative’ cancer treatment. This article could save your life.

You may not know it yet, but you are about to become very popular. I’m not talking about heartless relatives who start thinking about their inheritance, or loving ones who realize they have so little time to spend with you. You have just become a customer for the cancer treatment industry, and as such you have a market value of just under four hundred thousand dollars. The US Department of Commerce has reported that doctors, and the medical and pharmaceutical industries receive an average of $375,000 for every patient diagnosed with cancer. This money is spent on surgery, chemotherapy, x-rays, hospital stays, doctors and anesthesiologists.

It will buy you roughly a 3% chance of surviving the cancer.

Now take a look in your bank account – is there $375,000 there? Most people will not have that kind of money, so they will sell their house, cash in all their assets, borrow money from friends and family – do whatever it takes to continue receiving this treatment that will extend their life by a few painful years and maybe, in a pitiful 3% of cases allow them to beat cancer.

It’s unfortunate an unfortunate situation that has come about because medicine is no longer about curing disease, it is about money. Most people on hearing that statement will naturally feel the need to jump to the defense of our doctors and medicine. They will want to argue until they are out of breathe that the medical system is one of the finest in the world and it is constantly thriving to push back new barriers in health care. This is true. In recent years there have been huge advances in cancer surgery. There have been fantastic evolutions in the drugs we have open to us to treat cancer. There have been impressive leaps in our ability to detect cancer early. In fact the only thing that hasn’t improved is the survival rate of a person diagnosed with cancer.

This survival rate is buried under a mountain of statistics, and these statistics can be made to tell a number of different stories. For instance, when your doctor speaks of your survival chances he may well be referring to your 5-year survival chances. 5-year survival is the measured as a five year span between diagnosis and death. If you last for five years you are ‘a cancer survivor’ even if you die on the first day of the sixth year. Five years is a long time – usually enough to suck every cent out of you and your family. It is a sad but true fact that a cured patient is a customer lost to the cancer industry.

Contracting cancer is a depressing enough thing to happen without having to come across the truth of the medical industry. This is an industry that USA predicts will control 20% of the US GDP by the year 2015. It’s an industry that is built on us being sick, and more frighteningly, it’s an industry that is relying on us not to get better. And most people cannot even begin to fathom the depth of conspiracy that would be required to support such an industry and suppress treatments that can cure cancer, HIV and heart disease. The level of malice required to not just let people die, but exploit them mercilessly and encourage them down the path to death is beyond most people’s comprehension. But it is plain to see for those who are prepared to open their eyes.

Doctors in America are not permitted to treat cancer patients with alternative therapies. They are not allowed to suggest them when the patient is diagnosed, they are not allowed to suggest them as the course of chemotherapy and radiation demolishes their immune system and bleeds their families finances dry and even at the end, when they admit that orthodox medicine can do nothing else for them and they should go home and prepare to die – even then – they are not allowed to prescribe alternative therapy. If they did they would risk their job, being stripped of their license to operate and possibly even a jail term. The strict adherence to a prescribed line of treatment allows for a uniform treatment of cancer regardless of your physician. Unfortunately it also means that any research or investigations into alternatives to orthodox treatment are never explored. It limits progress in medical treatments, and it ensures all the power in the medical industry remains with a pharmaceutical monopoly.

Now all of the above is quite heavy, and probably hasn’t made you feel too much better about that initial diagnosis of cancer. But that’s not the end of the story, and it’s time you saw some light at the end of the tunnel. There are alternative treatments to chemotherapy and the orthodox line, and they can work. In fact they can work very effectively.

For example, Linus Pauling, a two time nobel prize winner, and his partner Ewan Cameron, MD, performed an experiment and published the results in Scotland in 1976. The study showed that 10 grams a day of vitamin C administered Intravenously can extend the life of a terminal cancer patient by six times. This study was done over thirty years ago and by a nobel prize winner. It shows that a natural substance – Vitamin C consistently provides a positive result to cancer sufferers.

You would think that such good news from such a credible source would open the door to a string of other discoveries and research. It should have. But in the orthodox medical world it didn’t. Because the orthodox medical world is controlled by big drug companies who cannot patent a natural substance such as Vitamin C. And this single case, while powerful, is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is known about the success of natural treatments to cancer patients.

I want to leave you with some final figures to consider. Orthodox medicine can claim around a 40% five year cure rate for cancer, but a true cure rate of less than 5%. Alternative medicine is not without it’s problems, most caused by a lack of shared research, accessibility to information and limited options. But with the right alternative treatments administered correctly and monitored properly, around 50% of those patients given up for dead by the orthodox system can achieve a true cure. For those few people who elect an alternative therapy from the outset that number may rise as high as 90%.

This is your life we are talking about, so please, treat this article as your starting point. Look very seriously at the information before you decide to take ANY form of treatment. Consider all of the options and implications. Consider your quality of life, consider your legacy, consider your chances of survival and consider this all with an open mind and in your own time. Don’t be rushed into making any decisions, because the decision you make can quite literally be the difference between life and death.

Mark Branyon collaborates with international experts in continually improving existing protocols. Their treatment strategy incorporates the best modalities of both worlds mainstream and alternative according to individual needs.