(2) Patristics and the Papacy: Analysis of Denny’s Papalism, Deeply Flawed Semantics. St. Cyprian.

Update: A refutation of OrthodoxVideo where-in he literally wishes to argue the Canons of Sardica as forgeries is contained between :25-:48 of this video. Have the Pause button ready. Unfortunately, his first response (of 2) solely focused on these canons and ignored the myriad of problems with his original arguments and with his position in general. Recommended books to OrthodoxVideos (and any others who would buy into these arguments): ..And these are actual books, not just a dead link to supposed works 😉 +St. Basil–Letter 70 Appeal to Pope Damasus +St. J. Chrysostom–appeal to Pope Innocent I, Palladius, c2 +The scholar Dominic Unger on AH 3:3 (strongly recommend to Apolo117) +Vincent Twomey– Apostolikos Thronos +James Likoudis,–1. The Divine Primacy of the Church & 2. Ending the Byzantine Greek Schism +Archbishop J. Michael Miller- The Shepherd and the Rock +Scott Butler, –Jesus, Peter and the Keys +Margherita Guarducci– The Primacy of the Church ********** Part 1: www.youtube.com His video: www.youtube.com www.newadvent.org www.catholic-legate.com www.britannica.com church-of-the-east.org