(1) Patristics and the Papacy: Analysis of Denny’s Papalism, Deeply Flawed Semantics. St. Irenaeus.

Update: *********** Apolo recently uploaded his ‘response’ to this video, allegedly. The entire first video dealt solely? with the Council of Sardica; in which he claimed I “Went off topic”. To which I respond: No Apolo, I put you back into the discussion: YOU WERE quoting an Arian council! It is then alleged that I don’t list sources; or at least ones good enough to quote heretical councils 😉 — a pity indeed. On his statements and fallacious arguments on Sardica, See 0:25 of Part 2 for quick work of his claims. ******************* Recommended books to Apolo117 (and any others who would buy into these arguments):********************8 ..And these are actual books, not just a dead link to supposed works 😉 +St. Basil–Letter 70 Appeal to Pope Damasus +St. J. Chrysostom–appeal to Pope Innocent I, Palladius, c2 +The scholar Dominic Unger on AH 3:3 (strongly recommend to Apolo117) +Vincent Twomey– Apostolikos Thronos +James Likoudis,–1. The Divine Primacy of the Church & 2. Ending the Byzantine Greek Schism +Archbishop J. Michael Miller- The Shepherd and the Rock +Scott Butler, –Jesus, Peter and the Keys +Margherita Guarducci– The Primacy of the Church ********** Part 1 On St, Irenaeus and semantically based arguments. Part 2: www.youtube.com His video: www.youtube.com www.newadvent.org www.catholic-legate.com www.britannica.com church-of-the-east.org